Friedlfunk Ceramics

Alessandra Manfredi is the heart and soul behind Friedlfunk Ceramics. She discovered pottery, or rather pottery discovered her, when she dug her bare hands into a fresh and cool mold of clay for the first time in her life. Coming from the music business, artistic endeavors always resounded with Alessandra. Music would have her senses tingling, such as the sensation working with her newly found love – clay, thick, wet and mute clay with an intense pull, gravitating towards her. She would sit in pottery class initially and would randomly work the “dough”, quickly developing an own understanding of her personal aesthetic – soon to become signature ceramics labelled with her funky matchstick man, her loyal feelgood companion.

Driven by the mere doing, pottery would become an obsession – layer after layer, adding experience and curiosity to the mix in search of her own rhythm and language. It is about time she shared her work with the world.


Made in Switzerland
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